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UPVEL boasts a line of 9 products


UPVEL now boasts a line of 9 products including ADSL router and wireless adapter solutions in all speeds and flavors. You can choose from wireless networking speeds starting at 54mbps all the way up to 300 mbps. Start your new home network or small office network with a solution from UPVEL. With easy installation clients and set-up software never longer than 3 steps, your network will be up and running in no time. Enjoy fine- tuned software that makes watching IP-TV a breeze. All our ADSL routers feature software that is compatible with a wide range of IT-TV offerings worldwide. Just connect your IP-TV set-top box and enjoy watching!

Router solutions

  • ADSL2 + Router with USB port for PC and Ethernet 10/100 Mbps with IP-TV UR-101AU
  • ADSL2 + Wi-Fi router 802.11g 54 Mbps with IP-TV UR-214AWG
  • ADSL2 + Wi-Fi router 802.11n 150 Mbps with IP-TV UR-314AWN
  • ADSL2 + Wi-Fi router 802.11n 300 Mbps with IP-TV UR-324AWN

Wireless Adapter solutions

  • Miniature Wireless USB-adapter 802.11n 150 Mbps UA-211WNU
  • Miniature Wireless USB-adapter 802.11n 270 Mbp s UA-212WNU
  • Miniature Wireless USB-adapter 802.11n 300 Mbps UA-222WNU
  • Wireless USB-adapter 802.11n 150 Mbps with 2 dBi detachable antenna UA-213WNU
  • ADSL-Splitter US-AA
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