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4G LTE MESH router

UR-736N4GFv2 4G LTE MESH router

4G LTE MESH router


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UR-736N4GFv2 is a most cost effective CAT4 LTE Wi-Fi Home router which provides extremely easy

way to access internet, only to buy a SIM card and insert into this product, internet will be

available immediately, plug and play, without professional knowledge about how to install

and configure the device. UR-736N4GFv2 support all the bands

used globally, with external antenna optional to get better signal in where the LTE signal

coverage is weak. The router supports both mobile and wired connections, which makes it a universal router. Mesh Network support enhances coverage. It must be the ideal choice for

home users and small office usage.

comming son
comming son
comming son

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