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About company


The company UPVEL LLC was established in 2010 in Southern California’s Los Angeles by a team of experienced networking professionals that had in mind to create real networking products that provide not only great value but also high-end performance and quality at the same time. UPVEL recognizes that in today’s global consumer market there is a vacuum for well designed, well performing, fair priced solutions. The company’s key entry point to market is strong internal R&D that delivers and fine tunes products to local markets requirements. Besides its base in the United States, the growing company maintainsbranches in Europe and Latin America.

UPVEL maintains extensive sourcing and production capabilities in Asia. Products are generally assembled in China under strict guidelines and quality control measures. Agreements with suppliers and component builders guarantee a high level of consistent quality and workmanship.

Finished products are sold globally through distribution, Retail/E-commerce, Telco and B2B channels.


UPVEL delivers a concise range of networking product that target the consumer and corporate markets. A strong In-house R&D department has developed a range of essential networking products that include Wireless and Wired Router solutions that facilitate everyday internet usage, Research in advanced connection technologies make it now possible to connect households and small offices to all types of Broadband offerings, being it traditional xDSL, Cable, 3G or fast wireless 4G/LTE connections. A range of adapters, Security Camera solutions, and Powerline products complete the product line-up.

The company believes in open markets and fair competition. We support openWRT products, giving consumers the flexibility they deserve and ease of use associated with it. Products are designed to work-out-of the box, with the security of unlimited free 2 year support and warranties.


UPVEL is a flexible and organic organization that delivers what markets want. The philosophy behind UPVEL is to listen to the consumer first, be it corporate clients or End Users, and consequently design the hardware, firmware and software according to their requirements.

UPVEL products are easy to install and use in any environment. We guarantee customer satisfaction backed by stringent quality control, pre- and after sales support, and generous warranty policies.


Our purpose is to dispel the myth that networking products are difficult to use. Today, networking products are commonplace in every household. They have become a commodity product like Telephones or TV/Radio-sets, and must work 24/7. The internet is the new lifeline. UPVEL will provide the security and peace of mind that your internet will work, and all connected products such as Phones, TVs, Computers, Gaming Consoles, Home security have access to the outside world.

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